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Business extraordinaire and boss babe cowgirl all around, Hannah Beth Virginia, just recently created “The Self Love Cowgirl Club.” In an interview, she’s here to tell us all about it!

Q: Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself? 

A: “My name is Hannah Beth Virginia and I am 23 years old. I am a first-generation cowgirl, the founder of “Dare To Be A Cowboy”, the owner of “Barrel Racing Planners”, a podcast host, YouTuber, and now most recently, the founder of “The Self Care Cowgirl”. My main mission in life with all of these entities is to help others become the best version of themselves that they can, whether that’s within the rodeo arena, life, the relationships around them, their careers, or whatever it may be that lights a fire in their soul. I hope that with whatever I am doing, I give those around me the inspiration that they need to achieve their dreams, feel empowered to push through the good and bad times, and have an undeniable love and appreciation for themselves in the process.”

Q: What is the self care cowgirl club? 

A: “The Self Care Cowgirl is a stem of this life mission in that I wanted to create something that helped everyday cowgirls have the tips, resources, and support needed to improve their mental and physical health. Cowgirls are known to put their horses before themselves and although that remains essential, many cowgirls sacrifice their own health in the process. This is a movement to help everyday cowgirls be on the “Self Love” journey. I call it the “Self Love Cowgirl Club” because of its aim to create an environment where those that follow us can feel a sense of community as well!” 

Q: What can members expect from joining? How do members join? 

A: “Members of the Self Love Cowgirl Club are not limited to just those that have horses, but anyone in the western community that wants to thrive! As of right now to be a member, all you have to do is follow @TheSelfCareCowgirl on Instagram! We will be posting tips, stories of other members, videos, and so much more to encourage and support others in their self love journey. We also launched The Self Care Cowgirl with a “30 Day Self Care Challenge”, in effort to get the community working together on building sustainable habits that don’t promote ‘losing weight fast’, but instead empower the importance of balance towards improving their mental and physical health.” 

Q: What was your inspiration for creating this? 

A: “It feels as though I have dealt with body issues, anxiety, and lack of confidence my entire life. I used to work out twice a day and eat nothing but the healthiest foods, all in an effort to have the best body. During that time I was also the most insecure I have ever been. 2 years ago, after coming out of the lowest point in my life to date, I set one goal for myself: to feel good. This was a pivotal moment in my life because I stopped caring about how I looked, about how much I weighed, and even stopped dragging myself down for “cheat meals”. I live a life of balance now and because of that I am in love with my confidence, my energy, and even how I look. I truly think it all came down to forgetting about the pressures, and just living life in the present moment. This sparked the idea for “The Self Care Cowgirl”, because I want others to love themselves, too. I see too many women that prevent happiness in their life because of their own insecurities and this is a movement to turn that energy around.” 

Q: What are your plans for the club in the future? 

A: “We are developing tools to help our community stay on track with their journey, as well as events to bring us all together! I can’t wait to be sharing more of these soon!” 

As of right now, the Self Love Cowgirl Club has a 30-day challenge! “Our 30 day challenge is completely timeless, which means that you can start it anytime you feel ready!” Hannah adds, “Stay tuned with us to be the first to know when our new products and experiences will be launching!”

To join, just follow their Instagram here