With Two Bay Horses Designs, Megan Taylor blends her love of horses with her passion for jewelry. Her pieces are handcrafted and designed for equestrians. Megan has always had a passion for fashion and jewelry, so when she couldn’t find pieces that matched the style and personality of her personal style, she began making her own. 

“I was inspired to begin designing jewelry after I saw a beautiful necklace made with a spur strap,” said Megan. “I fell in love with the idea of the necklace and for months I looked at it online and tried to decide if I was ready to purchase it or not. Ultimately, I decided that the beads in that necklace weren’t for me, but the idea that I could try to make my own necklace was planted in my mind.”

“I started with a twenty-year-old, well-used spur strap of mine and dove into jewelry design. I must have made ten or more variations of that first necklace, each time learning something new. Now almost two years later, I am grateful for the inspiration that I found in that initial necklace that I never bought.”

Each piece celebrates the freedom of bohemian style while keeping true to the classic western aesthetic. They are handmade from quality materials and gemstones in subtle earth tones or vivid, bright hues. Two Bay Horses Designs can create pieces for your individual style and budget, no matter if you want to dress up a simple black t-shirt or build an outfit around a stunning signature piece of jewelry.  

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