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The “Silver” Standard of Jewelry Craftsmanship


The “Silver” Standard of Jewelry Craftsmanship

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Hyo Silver’s unique and custom jewelry designs set them apart from many of the current silver jewelers today. Their designs embody a timeless beauty with western flair and quality craftsmanship. The company takes an immense amount of pride in their work and upon examination of their jewelry, it shows. Each piece is handcrafted and carefully inspected.

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Located in Bandera, Texas Hyo Silver was founded by the former Miss Rodeo Australia, Jo Symons in 1999. It is comprised of an elite team of designers, skilled artisans and service staff. Hyo Silver hopes to capture the southern legacy of gold and silver through their ornamental masterpieces. According to the company’s site, Hyo Silver is  “inspired by the beauty of nature, and the tranquility of faith” when coming up with new designs.  Their collection of jewelry features tri-colored gold mixed with cool hues of sterling silver against a deep contrast of black antique and vibrant accents of colored crystals and gemstones.

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One of the most unique and exciting aspects to Hyo Silver is their ability to work with you to create custom made designs of your own imagining including custom belt buckles, class rings, spurs, and more. So you can create something completely unique to you!

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