Photo courtesy of @prorodeoleagueofwomen on Instagram. ……

Lights dimmed. Dancers with electrifying cowboy hats took the stage for a mesmerizing show. Later, the same lights caught the crowns of the 2022 Miss Rodeo America and 2023 Miss Rodeo America. They joined the stage together to present auction items. 

On December 8th at the Southpoint Hotel, the Pro Rodeo League of Women hosted a fashion show and a luncheon to raise over $100,000 for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. 

“The Pro Rodeo League of Women is a charitable organization with the goal of raising money for injured cowboys,” reads their website. 

“The JCCF lends a helping hand to professional rodeo athletes and their families in the event of serious injuries resulting from professional rodeo activities and fills the void of financial hardship when the inevitable serious injury interferes with the careers of those who have dedicated their lives to the sport.” 

The fashion show included looks from Wrangler and Rock and Roll Denim. The wives, girlfriends, and some of the NFR rodeo athletes rocked the styles with the help of the electrifying dancers.  

Top industry heads from Resistol to Wrangler to Justin Boots were seated in the audience. 

This annual event is a beautiful way for the industry to unite to give to those who make it all possible.