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The Calgary Stampede, home of the renowned Stampede Rodeo, is arguably one of the most famous cowboys events in the world. Competitors from around the globe join together in Alberta, Canada, each year to test their skills in front of a sold out audience.

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Questions that a newcomer to the sport of rodeo might ask are, “What sets this rodeo apart?” “Why does this rodeo draw such a huge crowd each year?” The answer is found within the rich history of the Calgary Stampede.

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The idea for this event came from a man named Guy Weadick, a trick roper from America. Guy saw great potential in Calgary and decided that it was the right place for a large scale rodeo to be held, but it wasn’t going to be easy. It took lots of negotiating, being turned down and some compromising for Guy to see his dream of a Calgary rodeo come true.

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1912 was the year that the very first Calgary Stampede occurred, but it lacked the means to host its second year until 1919, due to not receiving enough initial support of the event. Even after 1919, it took several more years for the Stampede Rodeo to become an annual event. Once the rodeo did gain its status as an annual event, the spectators came by the thousands and the rest is history!

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Fast forward to the present, and the Calgary Stampede has grown into a ten day action packed event, attracting the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world to come compete year after year.

This year, the rodeo takes place July 7th – 16th, and has over two million dollars in prize money for winning rodeo contestants.

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