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If you’re going to be in a Taylor Sheridan Western, there’s one task you have to complete: Cowboy Camp. The cast of 1923 is the latest bunch to tackle the process of learning how to live like cowboys. In order to achieve the authenticity the Yellowstone creator demands, every actor must attend an intense two-week camp where they learn how to ride, rope, and even work cattle – skills that their characters would use in real-life.

As Sheridan himself once explained, “I don’t rehearse with my actors. There’s no way to inform them what this way of life is, you just have to do it. I just take them out and put them to work.”

Like all those who came before them, the cast of 1923 says the two-week grind is the best possible way to learn, grow, and bond as an on-screen family.

“One thing that Taylor Sheridan set in motion was this awesome cowboy camp that we all attended before shooting, and it was two weeks of nine-to-five horse riding, cattle wrangling, roping, buggy driving in Montana,” Marley Shelton (Emma Dutton) told Fox News.

“And it was just an incredible way to live and breathe and take in the atmosphere of ranch life and also get to know each other as castmates. It just kind of solidified a real natural bond, so that was a big component for me. I read some books and did some research about the time period and what was going on.”

Michelle Randolph, who plays Elizabeth Strafford, couldn’t agree more. For her, being in Montana was a huge help in immersing herself “into the world” of 1923.

For James Badge Dale, the actor behind Jack Dutton Sr., cowboy camp provided an opportunity to bond and learn mannerisms that add an extra element of realism to the show. “It was so much fun,” Dale said. “It’s a rehearsal period, it’s a chance to get in touch with some things for yourself and do your own personal work. But, also, you’re communicating with everyone else in this very specific way,” Dale explained. “It was a lot of fun, and you get to ride horses all day.”

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