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A mare and her foal. Photo by Maria Orlova.……

The bond between a human mother and her child is strong! Mares also share a special and intimate connection with their foals. In honor of Mother’s Day, enjoy these precious moments between moms and their little ones. It doesn’t matter if they have feet or hooves- there is nothing quite like motherly love!

Mares & Foals

This mama @lbmequestrianllc welcomes her baby to the world! Some gentle licks to clean and dry her hair.

Most mares are protective of their youngsters. They keep a close eye on them!

How adorable is this silly baby as he plays with his mother’s halter! It’s not unusual for foals to become playful with their moms. The mare often has to set boundaries and discipline her little one.

At this age, nothing is as tasty as momma’s milk. In time, they’ll experiment with grass and grain though.

Mares have the important role of educating their foals on herd dynamics. They give them valuable social skills.

Their bond is very strong. Weaning time can be hard on all! It’s usually filled with lots of calling and pacing.

A mare may have many foals in her lifetime, but each is treated tenderly. Their connection is beautiful to watch!