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Bystanders gather in large groups to catch a glimpse of the riders in the Indian Relay Races. Teams from seven different Nations covering ID, MT, ND, SD, WA, OR, AZ, WY and Canada battle it out on the race track! These riders have lots of bravery and riding skills. They practice all year long.

Indian Relay Races in Action

The races usually attract Native American boys who grew up on reservations, but you may also see some girls competing.

The teams consist of three horses, one rider, one mugger, and two holders. Each stand in their designated box for the start.

The fifteen horses train for months in preparation, as do their riders. Everyone wants to bring home the honors!

The holders and muggers have a dangerous job to do. They stand ready for the exchange of horses.

Horse Nations Indian Relay Council encourages young riders to get involved. They can enter youth relays at the age of six.

Catch a clip of the races in action…

How thrilling are they! If you get the chance to watch one, then take the opportunity.