You may have seen Jordan Tierney’s shoot for Montana Silversmiths, but she wasn’t the only one in front of the camera that day! The whole Tierney family shot for the brand up in Columbus and Red Lodge, Montana.

Montana Silversmiths has always emphasized the importance of togetherness, and with the turbulence of 2020, they’re supporting the idea of being “stronger together.” Rather than a solo shoot with Jordan, Montana Silversmiths brought in her parents for a family shoot.

CG: How did the idea to shoot with Jordan’s family come about?

Judy Wagner: The idea for this shoot came from growing up in Montana and coming from a rodeo family myself. There are strong ties in the western lifestyle and I remember always having family. Wherever we traveled across the U.S., we had our rodeo family. In this industry together, we are all family.

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, I thought this was a good time to celebrate that extended family and Jordan’s story. Her winning the title, her father being a PRCA All Around gold buckle champion in 1980, and her mom, Robin, being a previous Miss Rodeo South Dakota and runner up to Miss Rodeo America. When I offered the invitation to Jordan and she asked her mom and dad, they were more than willing to take a road trip!

Jordan Tierney: When Judy approached me with the invitation, I thought it was a really good idea because my family has been a big part of my journey. They have always been very supportive and this experience was a great way to share the spotlight. They deserve it for everything they’ve done to support me.

CG: Jordan, what was it like shooting with your mom and dad?

JT: I felt like they were as comfortable as I was in front of the camera. I was so proud of them. It was extremely special to be able to shoot with my mom and share that experience with her. To be able to see her use her experience being a former Miss Rodeo America and model…that was amazing.

CG: Judy, what was it like shooting with the Tierneys?

JW: They absolutely photographed well. It was such a fun day. The interaction between Jordan and her parents and between Robin and Paul made for some truly authentic moments and really fantastic photos. You can’t fake passion; love shines through.

Shop the pieces from the Tierney family shoot at and remember that, in the words of Montana Silversmiths, we really are stronger together.