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One run at Cowtown Coliseum was all they had to earn their spot in the Semi-finals! Here’s a look at the full results from today’s barrel racing slack at the Top 30 who will move on to ride in the semi-finals from March 3-5. 

From there, the Top 10 will take on the best in the world at AT&T Stadium! 

Buy-Backs will be held the morning of Tuesday, March 2, at 9:00 AM ET, giving competitors another shot at the Semis. 

1Janna Brown 13.387
2Abigail Poe 13.484
3Bristan Kennedy 13.505
4Cassidy Teague 13.528
5Taylor Smith 13.587
6Ryann Pedone 13.614
7Troy Crumrine13.617
8Jenny Born13.619
9Erin Zoucha13.620
10Trinity Beauvais13.631
11Emma Smith 13.637
12Ali Kate Kelleher 13.657
13Sarah McCormick 13.679
14Haley Wolfe13.692
15Sue Smith 13.697
16Kassie Mowry13.699
17Shannon McReynolds 13.714
18Brandon Cullins 13.724
19Paris Jean 13.732
20Cindy Patrick 13.732
21Kortney Kizer 13.733
22Casey Mathis 13.736
23Ilyssa Glass 13.746
24Fonda Melby13.756
25Charlie Sohrt13.758
26Kenna Squires13.764
27Emily Wilkins13.778
28Jamie Steiner13.790
29Bailey Belcher13.819
30Shannon Lillard13.822

(Courtesy of RFD-Tv’s The American Presented by Durango Boots.)