Photos courtesy of @alliefalcon on Instagram……

It’s that time of year! Cowgirls are moving into their residence for the semester! Excitement and last minute shopping awaits them!

If you are one of these cowgirls, let’s make sure you don’t forget any necessities. Here’s a handy dandy “Westernfied” checklist for your dorm room- made by a college cowgirl, for college cowgirls!

  • Western rug (cowhide, turquoise or western patterned)

A rug cozies up a dorm room and helps to make it feel more like home! Plus, it’s much better to walk around barefoot on!

  • Western pillows (same options as above)

Another cozying factor! Pillows not only dress up your bed, but can also be used to make your desk chair more comfortable. We all know how many hours are spent there studying!

  • Cute coffee cups

Coffee – a collegiate cowgirl’s best friend! Coffee cups? A cute way to drink the much needed liquid!

  • Turquoise Kuerig

Don’t forget what you need to make the coffee! Perfect for cups before 8am classes or all nighters!

There are more colors than turquoise, but it’s a neutral and cowgirl must-have in my book!

  • Turquoise mini waffle iron

Full honesty here, I am stealing this idea from someone who gifted me one for graduation. It is perfect for a dorm! It’s small, compact and so adorable! Also, who knew there were so many recipes for a waffle iron!? Just be sure to check with your RA to make sure they’re allowed!

  • Western comforter

At this point, I believe anything can be Western if you believe hard enough. You can go classic with a white comforter and use the pillows to stand out, or you can brighten up your space with a patterned comforter! With enough serape blankets, your dorm will be the ultimate cowgirl cave!

  • Cactus twinkly lights

Twinkly lights are a must have for any dorm. They add a touch of light to brighten up any room! Perfect for around your bed to wind down for the evening!

  • Western stickers

Order your favorite stickers and put them on everythinggg- your to-go coffee cups, your calculator case, your laptop case- the list goes on and on! What else are those items there for than to personalize!

  • “Kuntry” Keychain

Find a lanyard, keychain, or clip that will hold all your keys. You will have your dorm keys, truck keys and possibly keys to your horse trailer. Make it easier on yourself by buying what you’ll want to show off and wear!

Now that you have yourself all taken care of, it’s time to get your horse moved in! Look at that checklist here!