turquoise shower cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of @britwest777 on Instagram.……

When remodeling her master bathroom, jewelry maker Brit West designed the ultimate cowgirl shower: one made of turquoise colored tiled!

She joked on her Instagram, “After struggling with what design to do (totally out of my wheelhouse) and picking a brown counter and tub top, with a taupe ombre in the shower, I was given one shot of Dilaudid after breaking my hip, I was like “wa-la”, let’s do the deco (the hand painted Mexican tile) and Turquoise!!!”

In the end, it all worked out! She wrote, “So glad I stepped out of my brown and taupe comfort zone. I know everyone is like duh of course Turquoise….”

A step out of her comfort zone was well worth it for this cowgirl and could be for you, too!