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Photos courtesy of @OurFauxFarmhouse on Instagram.……

“Welcome to our little slice of DIY paradise (is that a thing?).”

“I’m Holly (the Elementary School Teacher turned Designer) and hubby Brad is the jack-of-all trades (works at an auto auction by day and DIY’s by night). There’s nothing he can’t do or figure out. Basically we can’t sit still–a blessing and a curse.”

“It’s obvi a bit crazy around here but we wouldn’t have it any other way. A quiet house is a boring house, is what we always say! (Jk, why are they SO dang loud all the time?!)”

“After graduating from college we moved to Austin, TX, where #ourfauxfarmhouse1 was born. We purchased a super plain inventory (“spec”) home and knew right away that we wanted to put our own farmhouse spin on it. We worked for years on it before we ever felt confident sharing it with the world (which is silly, because the process is the best part!) We opened Our Faux Farmhouse on Instagram in September of 2016 and what a trip this has been!”

“We’ve since moved into #ourfauxfarmhouse2 and are in the process of transforming each room in the house to be more “us”. We LOVE making this house into our HOME and we hope you enjoy this journey with us! Thanks for stopping by!”

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