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The World’s Greatest Horsewoman, presented by Art of the Cowgirl will return to Arizona next week.

The World’s Greatest Horsewoman is an open four-event competition for women and bridle horses only. One horse, one gal, one bridle, four events to compete in. The champion will be crowned out of a composite score on the four events.

Photos by @kschurrphoto.

First, the duo will cut, then they will rein, fence, and steer-stop. The top 10 girls will come back with a clean slate and compete for the coveted title of “World’s Greatest Horsewoman.”

The women competing in the four-event show are some of the most talented women in the industry. Some of them are professional trainers, while others are avid Non-pros.

The show is different from any other, given that it is for females only and has such a large pot added. Last year, World’s Greatest Horsewoman, Patty Pollard Ralls, rode Solano Cat to the pay window receiving $3,870. With a minimum of $10,000 added to the event, World’s Greatest Horsewoman is planning on having its largest paying year yet.

Photo by Ruth Wood.

The preliminary rounds will be held January 18th-20th, and the finals will be the 22nd-23rd at Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre in Queen Creek, Arizona. The event will be held with other amazing all-girl events such as a ranch rodeo, breakaway, and art competition.

Photo by @kschurrphoto.

The idea behind Art of the Cowgirl is to bring women together to share the love of Western culture. There will be poetry, music, and art, along with fine horses and an elite horse sale.

Whether you are looking for a good time or a nice horse, you can find it all at Art Of The Cowgirl.