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The newest Yellowstone spinoff 1883: The Bass Reeves Story has been in the works over recent months. In a recent interview, Dennis Quaid gushed about his collaboration with Taylor Sheridan on the upcoming series.

“Riding horses, shooting guns. You know, making mayhem at 4 in the morning,” Quaid told Fox News about the production. There has not been an official announcement regarding Quaid joining the production, which makes it that much more interesting!

David Oyelowo will star as Bass Reeves – who made history as the first black deputy U.S. Marshal West of the Mississippi in the 1870s. According to reports, the celebrated lawman apprehended over 3,000 criminals and took out 14 outlaws in Indian Territory.

In the series, Oyelowo stated that viewers will get to explore Reeves’ long and storied life. It will follow him from his days as a slave, learning the Native languages of Indian Territories and honing tracking skills, to eventually becoming a deputy marshal in an era full of lawlessness – the Wild West.

“The mortality rate of being a deputy marshal back then was so high that the fact that he had 3,000 arrests – and a career that spanned into his 60s. These were things that were just unthinkable,” Oyelowo said. Oyelowo remembers that when Sheridan read the script as an executive producer, he was so captivated by it that he decided to abandon everything else just to direct the first two episodes. The actor said Taylor Sheridan sent him a text that read, “I love the script. I hope you don’t mind if I direct it, sir?”