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As more episodes of Yellowstone are released each year, more fan theories start circulating. After episodes four and five, fans are coming out of the woodwork to share their possible answers to the impossible questions that the show constantly poses. The latest topic of conversation pertains to how Jamie and Beth’s feud will end, and one theory is standing out among the rest!

“It looks like Jaime is being pushed more away from the whole family,” the original thread reads. “Even John rejects him, I think Jaime will betray them one final time but later regret it, then to make it up to Beth he will give her his son.”

An interesting theory indeed! Could we call giving his son to his greatest enemy selfless, or cruel to his child? Would Beth really love a child that shares DNA with Jamie, who she hates more than anyone? We agree with the fact that Jamie is being pushed away from the family more and more. It’s possible he’ll be disowned at the least and killed at the most extreme.

The thing that doesn’t add up about Jamie giving over his child, is that the kid has a mother already. While we never see her, she is still there. Some fans brought that up in the thread, writing, “Jamie’s son has a mom. She’s not going to give her kid to Beth.” Another fan agreed, replying, “If anything [Beth] will try to strip him of all custody and visitation.”

Other fans agreed that Jamie could definitely go against the Duttons this season. “At this point I wouldn’t even call it betrayal,” one fan wrote, “I’d call it revenge cause it’s not like John didn’t know he wasn’t his [biological] son but he raised [him] for like 40 years. [Kayce, Beth, and Jamie] all grew up together and now they’re being an ass to him?”

Many fans then brought up the fact that Jamie seemingly went along with Garrett Randall’s plan to kill the Duttons in Season 4. “But didn’t Jamie go along with his bio father’s plot to kill the Duttons?” one fan noted. “I don’t think Jamie planned it but he seemed ok with it after the fact.”

“I mean his bio dad was being nice to him when everyone else in the Duttons except for [Kayce] hated him,” another fan replied. “Then he killed his dad. Like he’s f—ed up but he’s done a lot for the Duttons and they still treat him like s–t.” True, at the time it seemed like Jamie was taken in by Randall’s kindness, the same way he’s being taken in by Sarah Atwood’s kindness now. No one is ever nice to Jamie, and when he’s confronted by kindness he’ll do anything to keep getting it.

Another fan seemed to question why Jamie doesn’t just leave the Duttons behind. “Why don’t you both [Kayce and Jamie] leave the toxic John and Beth behind you and start over somewhere else?” they wrote. “I think [Jamie is] drawn to Duttons’ power. Just not a good person.”

Nothing says “Yellowstone” quite like the drama between siblings Beth & Jamie Dutton. Relive their rivalry here!