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The Matthew McConaughey rumors are still swirling regarding his potential involvement in the Yellowstone universe. Will he be joining the modern day drama or lead a new spinoff? Nobody knows… yet anyways. Paramount Media Network’s CEO Chris McCarthy recently shared with Vulture about television’s number one show and the rumors surrounding it.

In response to questions about the credibility of the reports, McCarthy answered, “There’s a bunch of different ways we could take the story. Thankfully, Taylor’s mind and his creativity is endless.”

McCarthy tossed out several concepts. “So, while we’re not ready to commit and comment on it, as anyone who’s watched the most recent season, you see Jimmy go to the Four Sixes pretty often. You also see flashbacks to when these particular Duttons are younger,” he explained. The flashbacks could explore “Beth being in her teenage years. You could easily see there being a story coming into that which fits very complimentary into the present day.”

Regarding McConaughey’s role, McCarthy said, “With Taylor, creativity is endless, and we’re thinking through all of those different options and excited about many of them. And I will say, we love Matthew McConaughey. We’ve always been big fans of his.”

He continued, “We’d love for the opportunity to work [with McConaughey], and it really speaks to the quality and type of talent that Taylor brings out, from Harrison Ford to Helen Mirren to Jeremy Renner and David Oyelowo, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and Sylvester Stallone. These are the who’s who of Hollywood and I think that really speaks to the quality and caliber of the programming that Taylor brings.”

There’s also been plenty of rumors about the show ending entirely. Some of the cast addressed the speculation – read what they had to say HERE.