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rosebud's graphic tee cowgirl magazineComfy t-shirt days are the best. Period. End of story. No doubt about it. BUT, the one thing that can make that even better is being able to throw one on and still look put-together. As a self-proclaimed cowgirl with a special fondness for agriculture, I can’t help but love every one of these tees. If you feel the same, click the link here and treat yourself to a Rosebud’s tee (or several) with the discount COWGIRL10.


Where are my hippie girls at?!


Heifer please. We’ve all had that certain special person we reserve this phrase for.


Photo courtesy of Morghan Leah Photography

I don’t know what it is about this shirt but it is definitely a personal favorite. Can’t you tell?!


Because everyone runs on coffee, right?


If you are a Ranch Wife can I get an amen! And if you’re a Farm Wife can I get a hallelujah! There’s one of those too!


Do we have any gypsy souls and wanderers with us today?