Photo courtesy of @RockinDiamondsLeather on Instagram……

I NEVER thought I would say the words “Wow, those Crocs are cute,” but anything can happen in 2020 apparently. I am pleasantly surprised at how cute Crocs are with tooled leather straps! Does this mean they’re going to be the next “it” shoes? Does this mean Crocs are fashionable now?

Need some shoes to match your turquoise jewelry? Gotcha covered!

Customize with your initials so everyone knows whose Crocs they are.

These pops of turquoise are anything but subtle.

Cowhide really does make everything better, including Crocs.

Really pulling out all the stops with the Pendleton accents!

2020 has been full of surprises, but Crocs becoming fashion statements is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Somehow, I’m not mad about it.