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As a horse person, I have to say that there are few things more heartbreaking than something happening to your horse’s long, luscious tail. A tail that you’ve spent what seems like an infinite amount of time maintaining. Plus, your horse always looks its best with a well-managed tail! Tail bags are a great way to keep your horse’s tail in tiptop shape, but typically come in basic colors. Thanks to Rock’N Tail Bags, any stylish design is possible!

Aztec is always a classic cowgirl print!

Foodie cowgirls rejoice! Here’s an option for ya.

Don’t want a wild print? No problem! They do still offer the basics.

Feelin’ fancy? Here’s a designer brand-inspired bag!

Brighten up any time of year with this vibrant floral print!

These DIY canvas tail bags are such a cool idea! Make your ideas come to life!

This really is the perfect dash of sparkle!

Hard to beat a desert sunset (in real life or on a tail bag)!

Need more info on why you should use a tail bag? Here are some reasons!