annoy cowgirl magazine

Most riders have certain things that annoy them. From muddy footing and horse flies to the things non-horse folks say, it can be hard to keep your cool in some situations. It’s a good thing we love our horses so much because some of these moments are hard to get through!

1. Lots of mud everywhere! Most horse owners hate seeing their fields go from grassy paradises to muddy swamps. It can be hard to ignore.

2. When non-horse friends or coworkers ask to ride your horse. You’re not a petting zoo, right?!

3. Riders that don’t respect the rules. It’s frustrating when they don’t sweep up their mess or pick up the manure from the riding arena. Didn’t they get the memo?

4. Bugs, bugs and more bugs! Not only do flies and mosquitoes drive your horse crazy, but they bother you too.

5. Unexpected vet bills… Couldn’t your horse be a bit more careful out in the field.

6. Some people love to gossip! He said… she said… Has your barn turned into a high school?

8. The stares from non-horse people are definitely annoying. Yes, that is mud on my boots and that probably is hay in my hair. It can be hard to go anywhere after visiting the barn.

9. When people assume things about equestrians. We’re rich, snobby or crazy… Can we please leave the stereotypes behind?

10. Horses that aren’t properly cared for. This one not only annoys riders, but enrages most! There is no excuse for starving a horse or neglecting to care for them.

Do you agree with this list?