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Much like people, horses have likes and dislikes. Some things are hated by almost all horses, while others are on a case-by-case basis. You may be surprised by some of the things that ended up on this list! If you can, try to avoid them.

Things Horses Dislike

  1. Flies: This one is no mystery! Some horses are very sensitive and will act bonkers if they get bit, while others just swish their tail or stomp their hooves. I haven’t met a horse yet that likes flies though.
  2. Aggressive handling: Unless your goal is to have a fearful horse, then avoid handling your horse roughly. It may get the job done, but you risk damaging your horse’s trust in the process.
  3. Poor-fitted tack: Again, some are more sensitive than others, but no horse enjoys wearing tack that is uncomfortable or painful. Each reaction may vary, so check your tack out carefully. Some horses are very subtle with their pain.
  4. Constant riding/training: Even we like our days off to unwind! Those that drill their horses day and night without a break will end up with a sour horse.
  5. Change: Most horses like consistency. They want a predictable day. Constant change can be stressful and lead to ulcers or vices.

Most of these can be easily avoided. Why put your horse through these dislikes if you don’t have to?…