Keep your boots clean and white the easy way. ……

The art of hand-washing sports medicine boots is in the past. Here is a handy must-have item for any horse owner, or trainer out there. A mini washing machine might sound funny at first, but the uses and the convenience is next to none. Plus you can consider it an investment since it will save you money on boots long term.

Everyone likes the classic look of new clean boots. Now it can be an every day look with a mini washer for your barn. A mini washer is a great way to keep your dirty boots looking fresh after being used on long days. The small, convenient size makes the washer easy to take on the road. Its light weight makes for a pleasant experience loading and unloading.

Simply wash your boots and dry them to help them keep their longevity. The washer is perfect for washing polo wraps, bell boots, and sports medicine boots. However, standing wraps, stalling sheets, and coolers are also things you can fit and wash. The washer also comes with a spin dryer, which is a perfect way to dry the boots off easily and efficiently. The washer is ideal for horse trainers and avid horse show people. Add some detergent to your colored boots and use bleach with your whites to keep them shiny and pristine.

A few things to keep in mind though! Make sure to place the velcro in a way where it won’t touch and get wrapped up with other boots. Ensure you spray off excess detergent on the boots when you take them out of the washer. After putting them in the spin dryer, make sure to let hand and dry so they don’t get musty. Now you’re ready to wash boots like a pro!