A mid 30’s, bi-coastal, gentle spirited man from one of the most prominent, aristocratic families in the world. He is sophisticated and well-mannered with a passion for adventure.

He is an extreme sports enthusiast and outdoorsman in every sense of the word. He enjoys everything from snowboarding in the mountains of Japan, to free diving in the deep waters of the ocean, deep sea fishing to ranching in the mountains of the western states, and so much more.

What makes him truly special and unique is he is equally as comfortable in a black tie as he is jeans and a flannel; having a passion for western art, history and philanthropy, he regularly attends museums and fundraising galas.

He wants to start a family and would prefer someone without children, but is open minded. More than anything, he is looking to find the love of his life.

He is seeking:

> A 20 to 30’s cowgirl who is sophisticated, but loves the outdoors and extreme adventures;

> Comfortable without makeup in jeans and cowboy boots, but can comfortably transition into a gown;

> Environmentalist who is a steward of the land;

> Enjoys rugged camping and prefers country living to the city, yet can enjoy a Paris weekend;

> Ready to start a family and is not intimidated by wealth.

Are you the cowgirl he’s been looking for?

This handsome bachelor is represented by Kailen Rosenberg, Author, Celebrity Love Architect, Relationship expert and Architect of Healthy, happy families, as well as one of the stars of the hit new E! series, “Stewarts and Hamiltons”.

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