rolling ranch boutique cowgirl magazine
rolling ranch boutique cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh

All right y’all I’m going to be honest, I tried every which way to put this wonderful woman’s story into my own words, but she just says it herself so perfectly. If you don’t already follow Gretchen Hilley and Rolling Ranch Boutique on all of your social media, you might want to. Hope you love her as much as I do, enjoy!

After years and years of being left at home while my husband took off to rodeos and ropings, I felt the need to have a career that allowed my family to be on the move. I taught elementary school for 13 years and felt the conviction to home school our son, Colt. I am all but dissertation on my educational doctorate and just feel strongly about my child’s education (and public education now but let’s not mention that! haha!) Me and all my friends were buying our clothes on Instagram from Texas and Oklahoma and realized there was a need for a “Texas” or “Western” boutique in the Southeast. I knew I didn’t want to open a brick and mortar store because I’d be tied down once again so I decided online and big events was the way to go. I went out and bought a vintage camper and played around with names until I decided on Rolling Ranch. I wanted it to have a western feel, but we are “rolling” so it worked! I “opened” the last weekend of August and my first big show was the USTRC finals in OKC. I was scared to death! In that half a year I’ve grown to have a Facebook group with over 7,000 members! This year I’ve been to the USTRC Finals, IFR, The Patriot, WBRL Finals, lots of smaller events and I’ll be set up at the Stetson Country Christmas at the Sands during the NFR. I really feel like the Rolling Ranch is having success because I’m just an average rodeo wife/mom. I’m not over the top trendy, I’m the mom dragging a hose across the barn trying to water the horses before heading off to wherever and still look cute! I’m an average sized female. I wear a size 8/10. I feel like I can model the clothes and show other women we are beautiful the way we are! Also our really good prices help in success! Haha! My goal for Rolling Ranch is for it to be a household name in the western industry. I want to see happy moms and wives that feel good about what they are wearing without breaking the bank. I had a friend message me the other day from a roping and say that she sees at least 6 girls wearing Rolling Ranch! That was really exciting!”

Okay, how can you NOT love her?! And y’all haven’t even seen her clothes yet!


This is the woman behind the curtain, folks. Well, actually not. She’s the most talkative and friendliest little thing ever always front and center of her mobile boutique…except of course when Colt loses a tooth at the USTRC Finals! Ha! #momlife It was all good after Megan and I gave him a dollar, then back to shopping we went!


Gotta love some Reba!


If you’ve been following my posts, you know I have a love affair with leopard. This cute kimono totally feeds that addiction.


BEEF. It’s what’s for dinner! Oh and check out that totally fun Aztec print on the shorts. Who said comfortable can’t be chic?


Let’s rodeo! Because, is there anything else that weekends were made for? No way!


Let’s just add to my cactus craze why don’t we…..


PUNCHY. I love that word. Don’t ask me why, I just do.


Okay so let me get this straight, it has the criss-cross neckline, turquoise, a cow skull, AND an indian headdress? All in one shirt? How is this not in my closet (OR YOURS) yet??


Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh

So not only is Gretchen a “momtrepreneur” (get it?), she’s also created and stocking her own brand! If you’ve grown up roping, the terms “StickBones” and “Spin ‘Em” are nothing new to you.

Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh

In all seriousness though y’all, don’t miss out on this awesome boutique! The Facebook page is growing like crazy and Cowboy Christmas isn’t too far away and I know you gals will want to be lookin’ poppin’! Sooooooo without further ado, mention this article to Gretchen when you shop Rolling Ranch Boutique and enjoy a discount courtesy of COWGIRL Magazine through the month of April!