Photo courtesy of @karminburton_art on Instagram……

Karmin Burton, a Canadian artist, has recently created the most Western card deck you have ever seen! We got to sit down with her to chat about them! 

Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself and your history with art? 

“I was born and raised in rural Alberta, where I now live with my daughter. I grew up riding horses, listening to rodeo stories, and drawing. Over the years my art took somewhat of a backseat to my riding career, but after suffering a knee injury last year I decided to pursue my dream of being a full time artist. Most of my art reflects my love for horses and the Western lifestyle, but I also love to create memorial pet portraits, and am currently working at a tattoo apprenticeship.” 

Where did you find your inspiration for the painted card deck? 

“At first, the cards were just a fun idea, and a way for me to practice acrylic painting. Before this project, I was primarily a colour pencil and graphite artist, but I always wanted to learn to paint. The first card I did was the ace of spades, well loved old bridle horse. I posted it to my social media and got requests for a few more of them for gifts. By the time I finished those ones, I was enjoying them so much I decided to go ahead and paint the whole deck.”

Is there a story behind one of the cards? 

“Actually, there is a story behind all of the cards! I tried to choose photos that would suit each card- for example the king of diamonds is my late grandfather and his pack horses, in reference to a diamond hitch.  Many of them are painted from photos I’ve taken over the years, and the rest were painted from photo contributions sent to me from people all over Alberta. The coolest part of this project for me was having so many people reaching out and sharing their photos and stories to be a part of my vision.”  

Do you have a favorite card you painted? 

“I love all of them, but if I had to choose it would be the queen of hearts. The card features my daughter, the queen of my own heart, learning to ride her pony bareback with the same rigging I learned to ride with.” 

You can find her cards and other works on her Instagram, Facebook or website