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This Johnny Was Jacket Just Hit the Rack at Pinto Ranch and We’re Freaking Out


This Johnny Was Jacket Just Hit the Rack at Pinto Ranch and We’re Freaking Out Boho cowgirls rejoice! This bright Behment sueded coat is a breath of fresh air and a step away from the stuffy fall colors of seasons past.

Check out the post all about this beauty by Pinto Ranch HERE.

pinto ranch johnny was cowgirl magazine

Photos by Pinto Ranch

Fall is here! Temps are dropping and so are the leaves (snow in some places too). Just because colors are quickly disappearing from the landscape doesn’t mean they have to disappear from your wardrobe. This coat from Johnny Was proves that you can incorporate colors into your fall and winter looks with fun boho flair. And NEWS FLASH: bright colors is a hot trend this year! Don’t believe me? Check out the Pantone color report for Fall 2017 HERE (spoiler alert: all these colors are there). J. Was certainly does know what he’s doing. Shop this look and tons of other cutting fall fashions at Pinto Ranch at

pinto ranch johnny was cowgirl magazine

One of my favorite details of this jacket has got to be the rough-cut shearling lining. A- because it’s so chic and B- because it looks so darn cozy! The length is excellent too. Perfect for pairing with a casual dress (as seen here) or a pair of your favorite denim jeans–flared would look stellar! Top it off with your favorite hat and you’ve harnessed fall fashion at it’s finest.

pinto ranch johnny was cowgirl magazine

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