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Emerging artist Kendra & the Bunnies is making a strong entrance on the Nashville country music scene! Recently accepted into the Grammy Recording Academy Member Class of 2021, Kendra Muecke sports a strong rock-inspired sound along with soul-grasping bluesy vocals on her new EP “of Summer”.

The EP celebrates summertime and Kendra’s roots growing up in Houston, Texas. Being released just in time for the Fourth of July, she reminisces on what it means to be blessed, to be gritty, and to be a girl finding her way through sound in the pop-rock country world. From anthemic summer sing-alongs to a powerful breakup song, Kendra Muecke is bringing the heat!

Of her new venture, Kendra says, “Recording my new EP  “of Summer” was a test of strength and courage. As an artist, I am starting to move into more of a mainstream direction with this project, and I think that’s a big step for me. I approached this EP with professional maturity and an expanded artistic vision.”

She says she is learning more and more how to be her most authentic, genuine, unique self through her music while also reaching a vaster audience. With her music, she seeks to grasp the listening within the first five seconds of the song.

Listen to “of Summer” here!

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