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The future of the Yellowstone universe is looking bright! With the popularity of the Dutton drama, the recent success of 1883, and a potential show based around the 6666 Ranch, fans won’t be able to get enough. Although it’s only been a month since the Season 4 finale, everyone’s already eager to see what’s next.

Ian Bohen, The Yellowstone Ranch’s resident livestock agent and trusty wrangler, has claimed Season 5 is “100 per cent happening”. Not only that, but he gave fans an idea of the shooting schedule so he diehards could begin to speculate on when exactly Yellowstone’s fifth run may kick off!

“We are shooting in May,” Bohen says. “I don’t think that’s a secret at all. We are starting season five and I would be completely astounded if we didn’t shoot six. And I’d say that there’s a fair chance we might shoot a seventh season. Just depends on whether the creator [Taylor Sheridan] wants to write another 10 episodes or if his story is finished at the 60th episode or not.”

While we are unsure of a premiere date, one of the show’s executive producers alluded to a potential Fall 2022 premiere.