Many of you may read this and smile, while others may cringe. Rockies were all the rage back in the day. I wouldn’t mind if some of them came back! I’ve heard countless stories from the women in my family about how they had them in every color and pattern. I dug up as many old advertisements as I could so go ahead and reminisce!


Oh laminated denim. I wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye during the high-waist denim craze, but I think I might have rocked these Rockies if I had the chance!


Dynamite denim is right. They sure were all about everything matching!


Loving the cut-outs on the side. And how about the matching denim shirt? Can’t forget the snazzy patriotic shirt either!


Now this Bareback by Wrangler paired with the zip jacket is looking sharp. I wouldn’t mind showboating this outfit around either!


Squad goals!


Those prints! Now this is definitely something that I don’t remember hearing about!


Slightly astounded at these outfits, and slightly jealous I wasn’t alive yet.


Oh the multi-colored denim…and shorts too!


Oh goodness. Have a look at these colors, prints, and patterns! Nothing was off limits.


Who doesn’t want a star on the seat of their pants? Okay, this style is definitely a little over the top but look how much fun we’re having laughing about it now.

I hope everyone enjoyed all the vintage ads and the blast from the past! Feel free to drop your fashion photos from back in the day in the comments!