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Trying to find arena approved shirts that are both stylish and functional can be a tough chore. Either they don’t fit right, they’re not comfortable, they come untucked, or they’re just plain not cute. I’m sorry, but who says you can’t be a showstopper when you’re backing in the box or coming down the alley? Thunderbird Brand has combined everything you could possibly ask for in an arena look, so much so that you’ll even want to carry it over into everyday life! Check them out below!

Loving the tooled accents on this shirt!

Pinstripes will always be classic. The sunflowers and serape add a little bit of fun to such a timeless pattern.

Get noticed. Wear red.

Turquoise will NEVER go out of style! Like EVER.

Here’s hoping that velvet never goes out of style either!

Thunderbird Brand shirts looks as good in business meetings as they do on the rodeo circuit. What more could a hardworking, independent woman in the western industry want?

This is probably one of my favorite floral prints I’ve ever seen. Just gorgeous!

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