Known for his innate attention to detail, Tim Cox captures priceless moments of Western life in his beautiful paintings. He combines the basic ingredients of color, value, perspective, and pleasing design with his desire to be a perfectionist in portraying the real working cowboy.

His latest work, “Glorious Freedom” captures the spirit of the cowgirl as he paints his granddaughter, CJ, and her horse Glory.

“I have been wanting to do a painting of my granddaughter since she was born. I got to thinking of all she and the world are going through now with this COVID lockdown and thought of something my grandmother, a rancher’s daughter, told me when I was a boy. With love and longing in her eyes, she said that she missed how she felt when she would ride her horse, running, flying, the wind blowing through her hair and the freedom she felt. I thought of my granddaughter and how she loves to ride and race her horse Glory. I think that “Glorious Freedom” is something a lot of us would enjoy feeling.”

The limited edition print is available on Tim’s website now.

Tim is also now offering “A Lot Like Heaven” and “Her Own Kind of Heaven” in new super sizes.

 Experience the West through Tim’s eyes:

“Glorious Freedom”

18″x27″ Limited Edition Print
AP Print, Canvas & AP Canvas

“A Lot Like Heaven”

Super Size Canvas & AP Canvas

“Her Own Kind Of Heaven”

24″x18″ Limited Edition Print
24″x18″ Limited Canvas Transfer
Super Size Canvas & AP Canvas

A Tim Cox painting makes the perfect gift to be cherished for years to come by the cowboys and cowgirls in your life. Bring the West into your home! Check out for all available artwork and current BOGO bargains!

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