tiny house trailers

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Cowgirl Hotlist

Mighty Mini Mansions

Whimsical, way-out towables have become  the fun yet practical accommodation of choice for all-girl weekends. Caravans of mini mobile homes can be seen on the road-trip trail all over Texas and the Southwest.  Owners start with vintage shells, then completely remodel the interiors—not just to create a comfortable place to sleep, but to step outside the ordinary with complete creative design concepts using reclaimed collectibles, chairs, tables and fabrics.  Vibrant paint schemes, both inside and out, are common, as is the furniture placed outside on make-shift patios. Don’t expect fancy bathrooms or double door refrigerators. These minis are mainly for show, fun and pride of ownership; cowgirls across America compare and celebrate their tiny trailers at events throughout West. Next time you see one of these marvelous minis cruising down the road, give a wave to the driver, acknowledging what might be inside her vagabond vintage beauty.

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