"Cowgirl Magazine" - Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was quite the surprise to his farm owners. This 70 pound miniature donkey, small by standards, was rejected by his mother. He has become an internet sensation because of his quirky behaviors. Tiny Tim’s family had to bring him inside and bottle feed him around the clock. In time, he started acting more like their two pet dogs, rather than the donkey he is.

The farm located in Peterborough, Ontario, had not realized their female and male donkey bred. Tiny Tim was unsuspectingly found lying in the center of the barn. He was just a mere 10 pounds at the time. After repeated attempts to bring him to his mother, they soon discovered she had no interest in her baby.  The couple had to bring the little donkey inside.

For a few months, Tiny Tim was carried every night into the bedroom of his owners. He slept in a play pen. Over time, and a few pounds heavier, the donkey earned a place in their mudroom. Nowadays, he splits his time trotting around their 115 acre farm and snoozing inside the house.

The donkey is house-trained, plays with his dog friends, and even loves to cuddle. He’s in the process of becoming a certified therapy animal. Check out this adorable donkey in action!