Depending on changes our bodies go through, climate changes and nutritional changes, our nails can start to look at little shabby and brittle. It’s important to keep your nails strong and healthy, considering we use our hands for almost everything. Find out how to strengthen weak nails and keep them strong and healthy.


Cuticle Treatment

Keeping our cuticles healthy is essential since they are the root of our nails. This nourishing blend of natural oils will condition and restore cuticles and nails. Apply it regularly to prevent your cuticles from becoming brittle and dry. Try Formula X Cuticle Oil, $14, available at Sephora.

Nail Strengthener

There are many different types of nail strengtheners out there that will transform brittle nails or keep your already-healthy nails strong. This Essie Millionails Natural Nail Strengthener will bring your brittle nails back to life. It’s vitamin-infused and will give your nails health, vitality and shine. Available on Amazon, $8.


Though there’s been mixed reviews on whether or not a Biotin supplement works for stronger nails, longer hair and healthier skin, I’ve personally used Biotin for these reasons and found it works for me. Though everyone is different, it definitely doesn’t hurt to use this all natural supplement for your nails. If you don’t see a difference within a few months, you can easily stop taking it.

Fish Oil

This is an Omega-3 fatty acid that helps with the same type of features that Biotin does, but in a little bit of a different way. It helps grow healthy and strong nails, makes your hair shiny and strong, and helps with skin. It’s also been known to prevent cardiovascular disease, treat arthritis, and prevent and treat mental disorders, according to this article by Fit Day.