Are you ready for your trip to the beach?……

For so long, you have dreamed of riding your horse on the beach- the sand beneath you, the waves crashing and wind in your hair. Many riders often put a trip to the beach on their bucket list. If you’re ready to check it off, then make sure to get prepared. You want things to go smoothly!

5 Helpful Tips for Riding on the Beach

1. Invite a friend if you can. Your horse will be much more confident in this new environment if they have another more experienced horse to follow.

2. Be prepared for anything. You may have dreamed of galloping through sand, but walking and trotting may be more reasonable. Go slow and allow your horse to adjust to the new sights and sounds. There could be some spooks! Furthermore, you’ll want to carry a first-aid kit with supplies for both riders and horses.

3. Know your footing! The sand is likely much deeper than your arena. Not only can this exhaust your horse quickly, but they can strain a muscle. You should also be aware of the water you go into. Does it often solid footing? Are there large rocks or driftwood?

4. Watch out for other people. Non-horse folks don’t always know how to interact and behave around riders. Young children may run up to your horse, dogs may bark, kites could be flying… For your first time, try to find a quiet area with few beachgoers.

5. Clean up afterwards! Keep a muck bucket in your trailer for manure. You should also hose off your horse and clean your tack. The sand and salt water can be drying.

Have you rode your horse on the beach? What is one tip you would share with others?