stubborn cowgirl magazine

The bad news is that stubborn horses aren’t always pleasant to be around. Quite frankly, they can be very frustrating and even dangerous! Luckily, there are ways to train them and work through their behavioral problems. You and your horse can have a great relationship with proper training and patience.

Stubborn Horse Tips

  1. Safety first! When working with these horses don’t put yourself in a dangerous position.
  2. Determine why your horse is acting stubborn. Are they fearful, anxious, lazy, arena or buddy sour? If you can, change their environment to improve things.
  3. Rule out any pain! An uncomfortable horse can act out in all sorts of ways.
  4. Be quick to reward the slightly tries! When using pressure and release, make sure your releases are fast.
  5. Be consistent in your requests. Your expectations should be the same day in and day out.
  6. Learn horse body language. This will help you communicate in a way your horse understands.
  7. Tackle your horse’s stubborn behavior early on! The situation may only grow worse as time passes.
  8. Give your horse a lesson in respect.
  9. Don’t be a nagging rider. Ask, tell, demand communication is very helpful. Ask your horse with a light aid, repeat with more energy, and lastly apply a sharp aid if they refuse or ignore you.
  10. Evaluate yourself. Are you timid or overly aggressive? It can be helpful to have an instructor or trainer watch you and your horse interact. They might notice things you didn’t.

Stubborn horses will take time and effort, so don’t expect immediate results!