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Girls, both young and old, can benefit from some tips and tricks for around the barn. There’s no reason you have to look like you just rolled in a pig pen. You can feel great and be comfortable while riding and doing barn chores. Follow these tips to get started!

Tips for Barn Girls

1. Bring healthy snacks to the stable! Some ideas include fresh fruits or veggies, peanuts, protein bars, and hard-boiled eggs. Keep your energy up!

2. It’s a good idea to wear a sports bra. They offer support and will be most comfortable while riding.

3. Stay away from thongs! You may want to avoid underwear lines when you wear breeches, but it’s not worth the discomfort. Try seamless panties or women’s boyshorts.

4. You’ll want to tie your hair back. Long hair can get tangled or in your way. It’s easy to braid it or put it up in a ponytail.

5. Keep your fingernails short! You don’t want them to break or get mud stuck underneath.

6. Wash your face when you get home from the barn. The dirt and sweat can cause major breakouts.

7. Feeling sad? Have a girl’s day at the stable. There’s nothing like chit-chatting with your barn buddies!

8. Don’t be afraid to get creative and buy some colorful tack. Nowadays, there’s unique designs for everything imaginable. You can find tie dye breast collars, sunflower patterned halters, and even neon pink protective boots.

9. Choose your horse over any guy! Horses will always be there for you. Not to mention, they easily forgive and love with their whole heart.

10. Download some fun apps to stay organized and motivated. Sometimes, life keeps you so busy you tend to forget things… Try a planning app to make sure you schedule all your horse’s necessary appointments.

Alright cowgirls, don’t hold out! What are some of your favorite tips as a female rider? Please share!

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