trail ride first cowgirl magazine

Are you planning your first trail ride? Riding outside the arena is a great way to enjoy horses and nature. You’ll experience different terrain, scenic views, and horseback riding in a whole new way. Getting prepared is important though, so here’s some helpful tips!

First Time Trail Riders

  1. Ride with proper gear, including a helmet, boots with a small heel, long sleeves, and jeans. A water bottle holder attached to the saddle horn is also a great idea!
  2. Go with an experienced trail rider. You can either sign up for a guided horseback tour or ask your instructor/barn buddies to take you out on the trails.
  3. Plan your ride. Make sure to check the weather before you head out. Additionally, allow yourself plenty of daylight to get back to the barn.
  4. Try an easy trail first. Let the others know this is your first time and you’d like to start off on a simple path.
  5. Go slow. Stick to walking primarily. If you’re up for a small challenge, try trotting in a flat, open area.
  6. Don’t forget to ride! Some people get so excited or nervous they turn into passengers and forget to instruct their horse.
  7. Ride in the middle or toward the back. Let the more experienced riders take the front.
  8. Choose a patient and slow horse. You want to focus on the experience, rather than dealing with a nervous or uneasy horse.
  9. Do some stretching before and after your ride. Trail riding will have you using muscles you didn’t even know you had!
  10. Make sure to breathe and smile! This is all for fun after all!

Who’s ready to get out there?