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Although we can no longer call it spring cleaning, it’s time to clean out our closets, ladies! Whether we are moving our winter clothes to the back or in desperate need of a new wardrobe, here are the best tips for cleaning out and organizing our closets! 

  • Immediately go through each piece of clothing and put them into three piles:
    1. Yes
    2. No 
    3. Maybe

The “Yes” pile is for clothes you wear a lot or like to wear when the timing is right, are in good condition and fit correctly. 

The “No” pile is for clothes you immediately know for a fact you do not like to wear, they do not fit, they are in poor condition (stains, holes, worn from wear), or you feel like your style has outgrown the look. 

The “Maybe” pile is for clothes you kind of like, wear on occasion but not often enough or you’re just indecisive about where to put the clothes. It is NOT for clothes that do not fit or are in poor condition. 

Once you have your three separate piles, go through the “No” pile to see if there are any items that could be sold or donated. Try to go through the “Maybe” pile once more to see if you can designate anymore. 

  • Hang your clothes back up, but with the hangers the opposite direction. 

After you have gone through all of your piles, place the clothes from your “Yes” and “Maybe” piles on hangers for your closet. Turn your hangers around on the closet rod. As you wear the items, place the hangers the correct way on your closet rod. Over time, you will be left with some hangers the wrong way. Donate or sell those clothes! This will help to turn those “Maybe” clothes into yesses and nos!

  • Have a budget prepared for new clothes. 

It will be easier to get rid of your old clothes, if you know you can buy new items for yourself!

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