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Have you been recruited to take videos of horse show goes or rodeo runs? We can help out! 

There are lots of reasons to video your or a friend’s rides- memories and “pics or it didn’t happen” to name a few. Arguably, the most important is to use for improvement. Having the video evidence of your run allows for someone to see what they need to improve on, but also see what they did right. We can refine and polish our runs for next time! 

Film horizontally

The first tip is to rotate your phone so you are filming horizontally. This allows for more of the scene to be filmed, rather than chasing your subject with your camera vertically. 

Action in the middle

Focus on your rider and keep them in the middle of your camera. This prevents part of their run from getting cut off in a corner or missing an important detail. 

Focus on videoing

Videoing is an important job and it is not given to the faint of heart. If you watch the rider instead of focusing on videoing, then you may have your camera faced in a different direction than your rider- missing them completely. 

Zoom in

If the rider goes to the other end of the arena, it is important to zoom in so the video can still see what is happening. 

Film early and film late

Start the video earlier than you think you need to and continue videoing until you hear the time or the score. Another great tool when it comes to analyzing our runs! 

AirDrop, Google Drive, or OneDrive share

This may take some trial and error. Videos are only good if they are clear. Make sure the person receives them in good quality by using sources like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Airdrop, etc.