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This ain’t your first rodeo, but it is your first branding! Don’t be nervous– it’s a hard day’s work that rewards itself in the best way. You are surrounded by good people in a good country. With branding season in full swing, here are a few tips if you find yourself invited to the branding pen!

Watch and Observe

You can learn a lot by watching and seeing what everyone else is doing. Mimic what they are doing and offer help where it’s needed.

Ask Questions

You can’t know the answer unless you ask! Each operation is different, so ask how they want certain things done. It’s all a great learning experience.

Be Ready to Work

Branding days can be long and hot. Be ready to work without offering any complaints. Be grateful for your invitation there. It shows respect to be invited to a branding!

Stay Alert

Working cattle can get a little hairy at times. Stay alert, on your toes, and avoid that hot branding iron!

Do As You’re Told

This one is simple: do as you are told. Ask questions if you do not understand the instruction, but otherwise, hop in line and get the job done!

Shake Hands

After the work is done, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone. You’ll never know who you can meet. Oh, and the stories you’ll hear! Don’t forget to thank them for the invite to the branding!

Before you know it, you’ll be invited back to fall works!

Happy branding, Cowgirls!