trail ride cowgirl magazine

A long trail ride is the perfect way to spend a day! They’re relaxing, fun, and great exercise for your horse. You can soak up nature and forget about your worries. In order to ensure your ride goes smoothly, make sure to follow these helpful and handy tips.

  1. Go with a friend: What better way to enjoy yourself than by riding with a barn buddy. You can chit-chat or enjoy wildlife sounds. In the event of an emergency, it’s nice having another to get help.
  2. Ride an experienced horse: If you’re looking for a nice, quiet trail ride, then choose a horse who knows their job. Yes, your green horse may need the experience… but riding a slow and steady trail horse is sooo relaxing!
  3. Consider your horse’s fitness: You want them to also enjoy the ride!
  4. Leave your worries behind: Once you step into those stirrups, let your stresses of the day go. You can handle them later on. Take some deep breaths and enjoy nature.
  5. Put your phone on silent: Not only is this safer (the ringer can frighten some horses), but you won’t get tempted to check on an incoming text or call.
  6. Pack a snack & water: Riding on a hungry belly isn’t enjoyable. A small snack can keep your energy levels up. You’ll also want to stay hydrated on your ride.
  7. Get a seat pad: They attach right to your saddle and offer extra comfort. No achy bums halfway through! You can find gel, fleece, and other padded options.
  8. Check the weather: Before you head out, make sure no rain is in the forecast.
  9. Know the trails: You don’t want to get lost, so either have a map or some idea of where the trail goes.
  10. Wear the right attire: Be smart and wear a helmet, gloves, jeans, and proper footwear.

Giddy up, cowgirl! You got this.