stallion cowgirl magazine

If you’ve never worked with a stallion, then know it can be quite a bit different than a gelding or mare. Handling them requires being prepared for the unexpected and knowing your surroundings. Some are so gentle you wouldn’t even know they’re a stallion, while others really make it obvious.

Stallion Handling Tips

  1. It’s important you know your environment. Stallions can be difficult to handle around mares, so avoid tempting them when possible.
  2. Even more than your average mare or gelding, stallions thrive on consistency. Ideally, you create a schedule of feeding, turnout, and work that is consistent day in and day out.
  3. Never get flustered or anger with them. You need to be patient and keep your cool!
  4. You can’t been timid or fearful when working with them. The best handler is assertive and not too passive or aggressive.
  5. There isn’t necessarily a right way to handle them. Each stallion needs to be treated like an individual. When introduced to a new one, always ask for a history of how he was handled- both the equipment and techniques used.
  6. Don’t even think about interacting with one until you have a good amount of experience. For the first time, enlist the help of a professional.

The average riding or boarding barn will not have stallions. They’re really best left to the professionals. If you do need to interact with them, then always respect their power!