intermediate rider cowgirl magazine

An intermediate rider is comfortable on a horse. They have a solid understanding of the different gaits and can control their horse in most situations. They’re no longer a beginner, but not quite an experienced rider. If this you, then you may be wondering how to take your riding to the next level…

Tips for Intermediate Riders

  1. Be accepting of advice, but know where it’s coming from. Everyone has an opinion! You’ll have to trust you instincts and previous experience when given new advice.
  2. Learn how to use your seat and legs. Don’t rely solely on your reins!
  3. Don’t neglect your position and posture in the saddle. It can have a big impact on your ride.
  4. Stay relaxed when riding. This means controlling the tension in your body.
  5. Study the anatomy of your horse and their movement. Learn to count strides!
  6. Don’t shy away from groundwork, instead incorporate it into each training session. It will transfer into the saddle.
  7. Ride as many different horses as you can.
  8. Watch experienced riders and study how they handle their horses.
  9. Videotape your lessons and rides. Go through them to see your areas of strength and weakness.
  10. Don’t be afraid to take chances and put yourself out there. Go to the show, ride a different horse, try a new discipline, etc…

Remember, riding is fun! Keep the love alive no matter how skilled or good you become.