Julie Goodnight
Julie Goodnight
PC: Julie Goodnight Natural Horsemanship Training.

Julie Goodnight is a respected clinician and horse trainer. She helps riders excel in any direction they choose by becoming the leader of their horse. After years of studying different training methods, Julie witnessed the benefits of kindness and using alternative methods. Her approach is similar to natural horsemanship. You won’t want to miss out on her great advice!

Riding posture can be very important in reducing injuries and soreness in the body.

Do you have a hard-to-load horse? Be careful you’re not reinforcing bad behavior!

Want more control over your spooky horse? This tip might just save you!

Julie is familiar with a wide range of disciplines. Listen to her tip about holding split reins.

It’s important to keep your horses healthy. Here’s some good advice about horses and salt.

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