moody mare cowgirl magazine

Some riders swear mares are the best, while others stay far away from them. If you are a self-proclaimed mare owner, then you might have dealt with one of their mood swings. Many say it’s hormonal, but the reality is it could be a few different things like medical conditions, stress, and the weather. Luckily, their symptoms can be managed once you figure out the root problem!

The Moody Mare

  1. Mare Magic: This supplement is designed to make your horse more comfortable during her cycles. It’s all-natural and consists of raspberry leaves.
  2. Regu-Mate: Your veterinarian will need to prescribe this form of oral progestin. It suppresses estrus. This is especially helpful for those with painful cycles.
  3. Change up your herd: Some mares get extra flirty with geldings. Your horse may need to be kept with all mares instead. It may make her more relaxed and less anxious.
  4. Time off: Some will need a few days to themselves. If anything, she may need you to slow down and take it easy.
  5. Schedule an exam: Ask your vet to test your horse’s hormone levels, rule out ulcers, eliminate any urinary tract infections, and test her thyroid.

Your goal should be to figure out why your mare is acting out. After discovering the root problem, then you can treat it.