selling horse cowgirl magazine

For one reason or another you may find that you have to sell your horse. It doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, selling can be easy with the right steps. You can find your horse a great home and feel confident doing it. It just takes a little planning!

Tips for Selling a Horse

  1. Groom your horse really well. Now’s your chance to clean them up- brighten their whites, trim up whiskers, pull their mane, etc…
  2. After your horse is looking their best, take some amazing pictures. Some may even hire a professional photographer.
  3. Nowadays, buyers will expect a video. In addition to pictures, you should videotape your horse moving on the ground or under saddle.
  4. Ensure their paperwork is in order, to include registration papers, Coggins, and show results.
  5. Write a catchy description of the horse. You want them to stand out. Make sure everything you include is truthful though!
  6. Set a price that is comparable to similar horses. The right price will help a horse get sold quicker.
  7. List your horse on social media sites like Facebook. There are various groups that focus on breeds, disciplines, and your state or local area.
  8. Be prepared to answer questions and chat with perspective buyers. This part can become time consuming, but is necessary for a sale.
  9. Check with your home insurance before you let anyone ride on your property. You want to make sure you’re covered.
  10. Put everything in writing! You should also request a deposit to show the buyer is serious.

You’re one step closer to finding your horse a great home!