shedding cowgirl magazine

Shedding season is here! Your horse’s hair is likely everywhere. It’s falling out in chunks this time of year. You can help speed up the process with a few tips and tricks. They’ll have their sleek, summer coat in no time!

Shedding Tips

  • Get the right tools for the job! There are special shedding tools that can be found at your local tack store and online. They have teeth that grab the loose hair and pull it away. Some also prefer a basic rubber or metal curry. They work well with elbow grease!
  • Blanketing your horse toward the end of winter can also speed up the process.
  • Some barns use extra lighting, which acts as sunlight, to encourage a sooner shedding cycle.
  • You can also clip a shedding horse. Remember, there can be some chilly days and nights in spring. You may have to blanket them if the weather gets too cold.
  • A horse vacuum is great this time of year. You can blow out their coat or suck up the loose hairs!
  • If it’s warmer, a bath can remove a lot of loose coat. Make sure to give them a good scrub!
  • Exercise also encourages excess hair to fall out. It improves blood flow!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks speed up the shedding process for your horse! Until then, no lipgloss or fleece allowed in the barn.