toddler room suzie Crooch velvet brumby @velvetbrumby cowgirl magazine
Photos and design courtesy of @velvetbrumby……

Suzie, a.k.a. @velvetbrumby on Instagram, designed the most adorable toddler room for her daughter, Wren!

“It was super hard to top the nursery so we’ll just say the toddler room is my best attempt to at least compete with it. I loved designing Wren’s disco cowgirl room. Once again – I stayed away from the very trendy pinks and went my own way and I’m in love and so is she!

The disco saddle is my favorite personal touch but the close second is the collaborative wallpaper with Chasing Paper and designer Max Humphrey. I designed the rest of the room to be highly functional for Wren’s needs so that it wasn’t just a pretty room but a room she would utilize for play.” –Suzie, @velvetbrumby

Did you get to see the nursery before this? Click here to check it out!